Why Choose the Institute of Bakery & Culinary Arts?

Being a foodie and learning about food are two different things. While being a foodie may involve your love to try new delicacies and not settle for everyday items from a given menu. Food science, on the other hand, is an entirely different subject. 

You not only love the idea of trying new food but also learning about how it gets prepared, the flavors, the design, and even the health benefits. Culinary art is one of the rapidly growing careers for the young generation of India. What is exceptional about culinary art courses that it is at par with the top trending professions in India.?

You may have a creative flair for learning culinary arts. Cooking, assembling, and designing food is not a simple task. A culinary school will teach you the same and even more. 

H1-Before we learn more about culinary arts, here are few reasons to think this is a good career option for you.

  • You will have the best workplace.

Do you like to be surrounded by food preparations? You can give culinary arts a go. It is a clear example of your workplace you would like to be in. Not everyone survives for a 9 to 5 desk job.

You can easily distinguish your workplace from the rest. Being in a kitchen of a restaurant or hotel is like being part of a grand festival at all times. Good food and food preparations are always underway. It can be exhausting and also rewarding at the same time.

  • Your work is not limited.

Your work will involve moving around the kitchen; You may work according to your specialization. Success, desserts, grills: You can specialize in many areas and then be a pioneer with experience. 

  • You can move across the globe.

There are very few skill sets that allow a person to travel the world. Culinary art is one of them. Institute of Bakery and Culinary Arts Delhi provides you a formal education along with international exposure in the field. You will also familiarize yourself with the latest technology and equipment used in the food industry.

H2-The Best Institute of Bakery and Culinary Arts in Delhi 

The IBCA, Delhi, is the leading institute in India for teaching and learning Culinary and Bakery Skills. The courses designed at IBCA are accredited by several national and international organizations and get recognized as one of the best culinary schools in India. The institute itself is accredited by City & Guilds London, Tourism and Hospitality  Skill Council of India (THSC), and National Skills Development Corporation, India (NSDC)

They have industry experts from India and internationally experienced professionals who share their experience and learning methods with the students. IBCA has over ten years of experience in training students in Culinary Arts and Bakery Skills.

Here are some reasons why you should select IBCA if you want to build a career in Baking and Culinary Arts:

  1. Excellent infrastructure

IBCA allows its students to learn through internationally designed courses and tools. You get shared course materials and practical experiences from acclaimed and experienced chefs themselves. Get to know the working of the latest equipment in the industry and experiment with local and international ingredients. IBCA assures to train their students for an international job environment not to feel left out if they get recruited in a different country.

  • Courses are internationally recognized.

Want to get your certificates attested? IBCA courses are internationally recognized and approved as well. Passing out from IBCA gives you a strong foundation in your culinary and bakery skills. The courses designed are to accommodate your needs. Semesters ranging from 3 months to 18 months, all of which will give you in-depth information about the hospitality industry for culinary and bakery. 

You can attest your certificates provided by IBCA-Institute of bakery and culinary arts and use them legally for future courses, jobs, or opening your business as it is locally recognized by India’s government and have accreditation from City & Guilds London. 

  • Placement assistance

To soon monetize from your newly acquired skills in Bakery or Culinary, IBCA offers placement assistance for students. They also assist the young generation of startups who wish to set-up their bakeries and restaurants. 

The hospitality field always keeps hiring for it, and the IBCA assures that its students get recruited by the industry’s best companies. They also have an alumni group that is beneficial for students seeking jobs or on-the-job training.

  • Learn from Experts

IBCA is thriving under Founder Chef Balendra Singh’s guidance, who has over 20 years of extensive experience in the Bakery and Culinary industry. He has groomed over a thousand students for their careers in this sector. 

The courses include guest lecturers, visits to the actual workplaces like hotels, factories, restaurants, etc. Students are guided throughout their project work to create exceptional works of art that are well-balanced in taste and technicality. Something that takes students to be a professional.

  •  Prime Location

Delhi, India, is one of the fastest-growing states of India. Students from across India rush to Delhi to study further and learn more about its diverse culture. Studying in India’s capital, a student can gain a lot of experience in small, medium, and large hospitality industries.

The entire curriculum at OBCA makes it the most sought-after culinary course in Delhi. IBCA-Institute of bakery and culinary arts based in Delhi, known to be the best culinary school in India, provides complete services to interstate and international students. There is reasonable proximity to key locations across Delhi.

H3-Courses at IBCA

All the course programs at OBCA are flexible and tailored as per the student’s requirement. They have short and long-term courses for students who seek to build a career in Bakery or Culinary arts. The courses’ essential requirement is to have 10th class passing certification and minimum age of 16 years. It makes it easily accessible for many students who have left their studies or wish to continue their education. 

Some of the courses offered at OBCA, Delhi is:

For Culinary Courses

  • 3 months Certificate In-Home Professional Cooking
  • 6 months Certificate Program In-Home Professional Pastry Chef
  • 12 Month Diploma in Professional Culinary Program Course
  • 18 Month Advanced Diploma Professional Programmes Course in Culinary

For Pastry Courses

  • 2 months Baking Entrepreneurship Program
  • 3 months Certificate In-Home Professional Pastry
  • 6 Months Certificate Program of In-Home Professional Pastry Chef
  • 12 Months Professional Pastry Chef Programmes Course
  • 18 Months Advance Diploma Professional Programmes Course

More information about these courses is available on the IBCA websites. You can quickly look for the course you wish to join and then enroll yourself. IBCA’s diploma in culinary arts course is a top-rated course that has students enrolling from across India. A diploma in culinary arts provides you an educational certificate, and it grooms you with the exact knowledge required to develop and sustain the food industry.

Learn culinary theories and techniques

IBCA provides students a complete program to develop and further enhance their cooking techniques. They teach students fundamental techniques and daily activities. Courses span from a few weeks to 6 to 18 months. There are regular assessments and exams. Some of these exams are supervised and scored by guest chefs who are experts in their domain.

As a culinary chef, your course will start with basics such as weights, measuring scales, conversion to food safety sculpting food, preparing various kinds of dishes, and an in-depth study of how the hospitality industry operates.

IBCA ensures that none of its students lack knowledge about the food industry’s best practices by providing guidance and training on every step of their course. Strict examinations and grading allow students to self-assess and improve their work so they can lead their workplace.

H3-What are the perks of joining a course at the IBCA?

Culinary Art and Bakery is a serious profession, but it has all the fun you can have with food and learning. Some of the perks of joining a course at IBCA are: 

Experiment and taste your food

You get to cook your own food and even take it home. Unlike some exams where you wait months to see the final results, Culinary and Bakery allow you to share the joy of your course with your family and friends. 

Tasting your creations and getting feedback from loved ones is an essential part of a student’s growth.  Hence at IBCA, it is allowed for students to carry home their daily cooking. With typical tasting sessions, the student gradually improves their cooking quality and gets the niche in practicing the technicalities required to prepare certain foods.

Internship at 5 Star Hotels

IBCA Delhi has excellent tie-ups with 5-star hotels across Delhi. You get to work in a 5-star hotel environment and experience the kitchen and bakery working by being a part of it. They ensure that students do not look clueless once they have entered the actual job and become stressed.

IBCA Placements

The institute provides 100% placement assistance. Along with tie-ups and referrals, some IBCA students outshine at various culinary and bakery competitions that cause them to become a recruiter’s favorite. Hence there are some of the highest packages in India offered to students of IBCA.

Exposure to various competitions, On-the-job training allows students to build their references and market value, which guide them to crack tough hospitality interviews.

Inspire Living Workshops

IBCA focuses on the chefs of tomorrow. The requirements of the industry of the future. Hence it has partnered with Inspire Living, a Personality development Institute that trains and grooms the chefs and bakers and gets them job-ready. Personality Development enables students to gain self-confidence and deal with national and international hotels and restaurant environments.

Get your Chef Uniform and Bakery Tools.

Programs at IBCA provide students with their uniforms and baking tool kit. It gives a sense of ownership to the students and makes them feel a part of the industry while they study. IBCA follows strict regulations of training.

Hence providing a study environment identical to the work environment for chefs and bakers alike is a priority for the institute. Students develop their chef personalities while studying at the institute.

Why is IBCA the best culinary school in India?

IBCA Delhi has proved itself to be the most distinguished and best culinary school in India. Chef IBCA has a track record of the most successful placements around the world. Students from IBCA have been hired worldwide and form a part of the institute’s rich alumni base. 

Every student at IBCA gets exposure to an international level of learning programs and practical knowledge. With affordable fees and excellent coaching and mentoring, IBCA is popularly known as the best Culinary school in India


Learn and gain experience from Industry experts at The Institute of Bakery and Culinary Arts Delhi, India. Develop your knowledge and excel at your skills through rigorous training and coaching at IBCA Delhi. Get to know the industry’s best practices and latest technological advancements in Culinary Arts and Baking. Also, get the opportunity to participate in various competitions with the support of your teachers and peers. 

Be a part of the growing industry of culinary art and baking with IBCA. Click here to learn more about IBCA today and Just get in touch and book a free discovery call right away.

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