Qualities to Look For in an Experiential Marketing Agency NYC

Experiential Marketing campaigns are a very effective way to spread the word about a brand, product or service. Be it an established event or a multi-starrer concert or even strategizing and creating an event for that brand all experiential marketing campaigns are effective. An experiential marketing agency in NYC will create a continuous and consistent presence among the audience and increase your brand awareness, reach, engagement and above all sales.

Choosing the right experiential marketing agency can be a challenging affair. There are not many experiential marketing agencies to choose from, however, because of the expertise it requires and the nature of experiential campaigns, it connects directly to the customers. The selection of an experiential marketing agency needs careful analysis and diligence as the agency will be handling your brand’s image and representing you to the consumers.

To make the campaign effective, cost-efficient and hit the nail on the head there are certain qualities to look for in an experiential marketing agency in NYC.   

A proven track record

It is extremely challenging to undertake an experiential marketing campaign. They consist of a lot of dynamic and inconsistent parts. When you add a brand as a sponsor or are building up an event on a brand’s behalf, it presents lots of complexities. You will need the expertise of an experiential marketing agency with the knowledge and efficiency to manage all the parts of an ever-changing scenario. While doing so also ensure that the brand, product or service is being represented correctly and being brought into the limelight.

This is not something that can be validated by claims and an agency with the right amount of operational and creative excellence will have case studies of their own conducted campaigns of the past. They will also be able to provide you with relevant details of how they have been able to conduct campaigns with appropriate measurements and valid assessment details.

A footprint that matches your needs

During your initial planning, you will need to figure out if the planned campaign needs to cover a specific region and territory or several, maybe at one time or one at a time in a chain of execution. Whichever way you plan it, the choice of an experiential marketing agency that matches your business or brand’s footprint is the key.

If you are planning an effort that is local or limited to one area only then possibly a smaller agency that has deep roots in the planned area will be more resourceful and effective. They will be able to use their local connections to enhance and execute the campaign more productively than the big guns. At the same time if your campaign is strategized towards a regional or national effort a larger experiential marketing agency will be more potent. The loss in local connections will be made up by a capacity to scale up and provide staff capable of executing in several areas at the same time if required.

Current relationships

This quality is dependent on how well the agency meets the two above. The ability of an agency to execute will depend largely on how well they have managed their relationships so far and how efficiently they have built ones over time. A successful agency will have good business ties with venues and a close working relationship with the vendors for items that are collateral in nature.

They will have close connections with politicians, government agencies and local precincts to ensure you are compliant with the local and zonal laws and attain the required permits for your event. It is not that you can’t take care of these being a business but just that an agency will be able to facilitate for you, and if required much faster. 

Their knowledge of the area and these connections will allow them access to more information like cultural sensitivity, norms for that venue and special permissions requirements if any, that an outsider will not be aware of.

Billing transparency

Cost overruns on campaigns are pretty much widespread, and with experiential campaigns, things can quickly go out of hand and prove to be a hindrance to the campaign’s completion. All the parts in an experiential campaign will have different costs linked to them. While some like venue booking amount will be straightforward some like live-streaming will be ambiguous. Your agency needs to be transparent in the expenditures and provide clarity on the spent amounts.

Whenever there is an excess in the budget they should inform you in detailed breakups if the expenditure is in the initially proposed format or if there are any overruns and why they are. Also, if they can be controlled, to ensure the ROI is not at stake.

Measurable metrics

What do your success metrics define? It could be the number of attendees in that event or the percentage of attendees signing up for your services or buying your products. It also could be the engagement rate or reach on social media for that event. Whichever it is, it should be clearly defined. This will act as the progression guide for the campaign and ensure execution from the concept stage in accordance with the success metrics.

An experiential marketing agency in NYC will be able to place you effectively in front of your target market however, choosing the right agency will matter and be the most important factor in the effectiveness of the campaign.

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