Why Aluminum Tilt & Turn door design Suits Best For The Indian Homes

There are many types of windows and doors available in the market today and each comes with its characteristics and advantages. They are designed to serve different purposes and have different functionality. One of the most preferred types of door designs is the aluminium tilt and turn door. This elegant design has been a popular choice for homeowners in Europe because of their excellent weatherproofing and security features. 

They are versatile and practical as they operate on a hinge mechanism. This means it can be opened in 2 ways. Most windows open outwards but tilt and turn windows open inside ensuring increased safety, easier upkeep and ventilation. The tilted vent position also looks very attractive. 

Tilt and turn door design can be opened completely inwards from the sides or tilted from the bottom so that the top is angled inside the room, allowing a window for ventilation. Here is a comprehensive list of why tilt and turn windows are a good choice for your home:

Versatile and Flexible

Aluminium turn and tilt door designs are flexible and offer great ventilation. The window does not need to be completely open to let in the air in your home. You can slightly tilt and open it. The angle can be adjusted according to how much ventilation you need in your home. The design also prevents rainwater from entering your home, thanks to the tilted angle. 

Best For All Spaces

The tilt and turn design are so flexible, they can fit into any room size. This means if you have a small room and need some ventilation, the tilt and turn window design will provide just that without taking up space by swinging back into the room.


This modern window design has better air-seals than other designs like sliding, single or double-hung window frames. This makes sure there is no water leakage or cold draughts in your home. The insulation keeps the heat inside the house where it belongs. This also helps bring down your energy bills by making sure you don’t have to use your heater so much. The same goes for summers. Amazing ventilation means less use of air conditioners, saving on energy.

Unbothered View

If you have large windows, go for aluminium tilt and turn window frames. They are flexible in their movements and do not take up space inside your home. The different angles provide an unobstructed view of the outside and allow natural light into your home. 

Safety First

You can customise the tilt and turn windows to suit how much of it you want to open. This is especially suitable for families with small children. This design allows you to ventilate your home without having the fear of your child falling off or having their fingers trapped in the frame. This design also comes in handy in case you need to escape an emergency, like a fire. 

Easy To Maintain

You can open these windows completely into your home, it is easy to clean on both sides without having to use a ladder or risking leaning outside your window. Clean them with water or glass cleaner and a soft cloth or paper. 

As you read above, there are many reasons for you to love this LIXIL tilt and turn door design. They are super durable, versatile and energy-efficient. Get in touch if you want to know more.

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