Top 10 Wireless Headsets for Communication

We know that there are innumerable models of headsets. They may be corded, wireless, and Avaya headsets. When we talk about wireless headsets, we come to know that they don’t require any physical system for connecting to the base station, such as a laptop, desk phone, or computer. These headsets are famous for their comfortable designs and soft metallic headbands. They may also come with variable battery lives. Their battery lives start from 7 hours and reach 21 hours. They may also come with different wireless operating ranges. Their range may start from few feet and reach 600 feet. They also come with control buttons for controlling different functions such as volume, quality of sound, and call management. They also come with cushioned earpieces and an adjustable mic. They may have noise-canceling and AcousticEdge technology. They may contain many unique features for allowing users to enjoy uninterrupted and noise-free calls.

We know that many companies and brands are manufacturing wireless headsets. They are giving different features in variable prices. When you are looking to purchase the best model from the best company, you should read this article. Following are 10 wireless models of headsets that are different from others. They have unique and awesome features. Let’s have a look at these headsets.

1.  Jabra Engage65

This is a monaural headset. It is compatible with a desk phone and PC. Its battery life is 13 hours of talk time. Its wireless operating range is 490 feet. This is the lightest wireless headset that weighs only 57 grams. This headset comes with an LED light that blinks when you are on call. It lets your colleagues know when you are on call and stops them from interfering. These are some unique features of this headset, and it is one of the favorite headsets for most users.

2.  Plantronics Savi8210

This is also a monaural headset that comes with 13 hours of battery life. It can help you use it at a distance of 600 feet from the base station. It comes with triple connectivity. You can connect it with a Bluetooth device, desk phone, and computer. It also comes with noise-canceling technology that helps users to focus on their calls. It has one ear open that users can use for listening to their colleagues. This is another good headset.

3.  Plantronics Savi8220

This is a binaural and over-the-head headset. It is one of the famous headsets because it covers both ears, and users can enjoy uninterrupted communications. It also comes with active noise-canceling technology and lets the user enjoy a noise-free conversation. It comes with a wireless operating range of 500 feet. It possesses a battery that allows 13 hours of talk time. These features have made it an impressive headset for many users.

4.  Jabra Pro920

This headset specifically comes for desk phones, and it is performing its job well. It can let users enjoy calls when they are at a distance of 325 feet. It also possesses a battery whose life is 8 hours of talk time. It also possesses control buttons for letting the users control volume and adjust the quality of sound. Its most amazing feature is that it comes with a battery-saving auto sleep function.

5.  Plantronics CS540

This is the newest member of the CS50 family. This is another lightweight headset that is suitable for working in an office where users have to wear them for long hours. It is stylish and comfortable. It possesses a battery whose life is 7 hours. Its wireless range is 350 feet which allow the users to enjoy calls even when they are not on their seat. It also comes with a digital sound processing feature that allows making clear communications.

6.  Jabra Evlove2 65

This is another better headset that comes with an impressive battery. Its battery lasts for days and lets the user enjoy calls without worrying about charging. It also possesses a larger and great quality microphone. It comes with comfortable and padded ear cups. This headset may contain all the features that one may look at. It also comes with active noise-blocking features. It provides a clear voice that users can easily understand. It also comes with an impressive wireless range.

7.  Jabra Evolve 75

This is another impressive model that comes with an active noise-canceling feature. It can help to block the background noise so that users may focus on the voice of callers. It also possesses a great quality microphone. Its battery has a life of 17 hours. This is one of the comfortable models that users can wear for hours. These designs aren’t tiresome. These features have made it distinguished among others. You should test it.

8.  Jabra Evolve2 30

This is another headset that is lightweight and comfortable for users. It doesn’t let them feel tired even after the usage of long hours. It provides great quality audio. This is one of the less expensive and economic models. It can also eliminate the background noise and help the user listen to the voice of callers clearly. It also possesses control buttons on the right ear cup. They allow for making adjustments according to your ease.

9.  Jabra Evolve2 40

This is another best model that can provide a clear audio and natural sound. Its audio quality is so good that users can hear it even in louder noise. It comes with thicker headband padding. It also possesses larger foam ear pads that make it heavier. It is comfortable and unique. It also contains control buttons for muting or unmuting the headset. You must like it because of its amazing features.

10.  Voyager 4210 UC

This is a monaural headset that can give a good sound so that users can hear the voice of callers clearly. It comes with a flexible mic boom. It contains an on-call indicator that helps your colleagues to guess whether you are on call or not. It also possesses digital sound guard technology. These features have made it a unique and affordable choice for many users.

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We have described the top 10 wireless headsets. They may have variable features and different prices. When you have to find the best one according to your needs and budget, you should find these headsets. You should know that for better features you will have to pay better prices. This article can help you find the best one for your communications.

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