Controlling the Decisions That Shape My Life

Why is it important?

Control, specifically true control. Control over your decisions is the next skill. Most of us think we are in control of our actions and lives. Few of us think of ourselves as being “out of control” even when we really are. One definition of “being in control” of your life is as follows:

You are in control of your life to the extent that you can create a lifestyle for yourself that you feel good about most of the time. A degree of control that allows you to accomplish meaningful endeavours that do no harm to others and do not put your life or health in danger without a meaningful reason for doing so. 

To what extent does your current lifestyle meet the requirements of the above definition? 

It is critical to note, as long as you operate in the Borderline Zone, you endanger your life, and will find it difficult to discover meaningful activities for work and play. As a result, you will experience fewer good feelings, and struggle to feel in control of your life. In order to get out of the Borderline Zone, you have to learn how you got there. Once you’ve done that, you can learn to soothe yourself, to feed your head with Positive Affirmations, and to gain control by making good decisions about what to do and what not to do. To make good decisions requires understanding before you act, the possible consequences (good and bad) of each of your choices, and knowing when the time is right to make a decision and it is right to defer making a decision at all. This is a skill that requires considerable practise and experience to learn. In fact, this is a skill that, if you are tuned into the deed to do so, you’ll learn to do better and better over the course of your life. Your early psychodramatic experiences blocked the normal development of this skill. It is now time to put your learning curve on the right track.

You can use decisions to build your lifestyle in the same way a mason uses bricks to build a house. A solid lifestyle rests on a foundation of soundly constructed decisions. Decisions select your environment. They give you access to situations that, in turn, influence your behaviour. Bad choices can haunt you, and good ones can delight you. Some actions can affect your life for years to come, such as who to marry, what career to pursue, whether to use addictive activities. Some of those choices have immediate effects that are good and delayed long-term effects that are bad, such as drug use. Some decisions are made in a split second but can have consequences that last such as cutting yourself or running a red light. Any perspective you take, the decisions you make control your life. If you do not know how to make good decisions, then your life is not yours to control. 

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