Canada Private Schools – FAQs for Parents

As a parent, if you are keen on ensuring your child gets the best quality education, then you can consider private high schools for admission. A private high school is different from a state run public school. The improved quality of education and a better career outcome has made private high school education popular. If you are considering enrolling your child in a private high school for Grade 8 to 12, then you are probably looking for more information. The FAQs presented below will be useful for you.

What Is A Private School? How Is It Different From A Public School?

In Canada, schooling is offered by the state through public schools. These schools are run by the school board and funded by the state. Hence, they offer free education. Due to excess number of students, there are concerns about the quality of education. This is why private high schools are becoming increasingly popular. These private schools are independent schools run by an independent organization. They focus on quality education and helping students do well in their careers. Since they do not get funding from the state, they charge fees from students.

Are Private Schools Recognized?

Yes, private schools are recognized and a student completing high school at a private school is on par with one who has done high school from a public school. It is important to verify if the school you enroll your child is recognized or not.

Why Should You Enroll Your Child In A Private School?

When you enroll your child at one of the top private schools in Canada, you are ensuring the best education. The many benefits of private schools explain why you should consider choosing one of them.

1) The top private schools in Canada have the best facilities and infrastructure to support quality education. This ensures the school can deliver the best education to students.

2) Smaller class sizes at private schools allow children to get individual attention. This ensures weak students get the focus they need to improve their performance.

3) When you enroll your child in a private high school, you will find the best teaching staff. The competent and experienced teaching staff ensures your children will acquire the knowledge and skills they need for their future.

4) Top schools offer a range of extracurricular activities like field trips, student clubs, etc. This will help in overall personality development. These schools also offer additional courses for skill enhancement.

5) Career focus is one of the key benefits of private schools. The schools would have an experienced career counsellor who would help students make a career plan and guide them to achieve it.

6) The best school would have a track record that speaks for itself. They would have placed their students at the top colleges/universities.

How To Choose The Best Private School For Your Child?

There are many private high schools and choosing between them can be a bit difficult. To help you make an easy decision, some guidelines are given below. You can refer to these guidelines to help you choose the best high school for your child:

  1. The first thing to do is to find out the class size of the school. The student-to-teacher ratio will help you determine if your child can get individual attention.
  2. You need to verify if the school has all the resources needed to offer quality education. You can go through the school website and their brochure to get information. The best thing to do is to visit the school campus and find out yourself.
  3. When you visit the school, apart from checking out the facilities, you also need to talk to the teaching staff. This will help you understand how good they are and if they can offer quality education.
  4. The best private high school would have a competent career counselor. You need to talk to the career counsellor to understand the school’s approach to career counselling. Find out the process used and ask for details of student admission to colleges/universities.
  5. Find out about the extracurricular activities offered as well as additional skill-enhancing courses, AP program offered, etc. All this is a value-addition that helps boost a student’s future prospects.
  6. You need to find out how good the school is from past students. Talk to them in person or look for reviews online to get this information.
  7. Lastly, check out the fee offered and compare it with the value you get before making a final decision.

The FAQs on Canada Private Schools presented above gave a comprehensive overview of how a private high school works and the benefits offered. The information given would have helped you understand all about private schools. You can now look for the best private school to secure your child’s future.

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