Bright Minds: The Science is the Key of Success

Bright Minds is an emerging biotechnology company that believes in innovation in drug development for mental diseases. The company has some experienced neuroscientist and drug developers working on the next generation of medicine to cure mental health issues. Mental issues are an age-old problem, and so is their treatment. . Most of the available treatments have some side effects, so the company is developing medicines with no or minimal side effects.

The experienced team in Bright Minds has a deep understanding of the serotonergic system. The team knows the effects of the system of specif receptors of our body. The biotechnology company aims to develop more effective new-generation, highly targeted serotonergic drugs. The world is a different place now, and we have everything better than what we have in the previous decade. So the medicines for mental illness has to be advanced too. The present compounds are effective but have a few side effects. The biotechnology company aims to develop a medicine with fewer or no side effects and accentuate positive properties for therapy. The concept of the company is very promising so let’s know the science behind the dream of Bright Minds.

Science Behind Bright Minds Biosciences

The team of this biotechnology start-up is specifically targeting the 5-HT2C, 5-HT2A/C and 5-HT2A receptors. The team has a rich library of proprietary compounds that target the receptors, and as the team do different experiments, so the library has become a good source of information.

The Bright Minds Bioscience is working on innovative drug design, advanced molecular modelling and pre-clinical models to develop an effective drug. Here the team select compounds that have the best activity profiles on patients during the pre-clinical trials. The promising compounds increase the chances of success in clinical trials and help the company fulfil its dream. The new medicines and scientific approach of the company will work on following therapeutic areas;

Neuropsychiatry Franchise

The company is targeting the properties of magic mushrooms. The mushroom is having Psilocybin that can reset the functional connectivity of the brain’s circuit. The compound plays an important role in major depression. However, because of the presence of 5-HT2A and 5-HT2B receptors, the compound’s full potential cannot be achieved yet. The company is working on modifying the compound and using its modified version for the brain health recovery of the patients. The drug from this biotechnology start-up will help the patient in a fast and side-effects free recovery.

Pain Franchise

In many cases, the patient suffering from chronic pain develop anxiety and depression. The patient with chronic pain does not have many options, and they have to choose between highly addictive opioids or continues pain. Serotonin agonists have shown some promising effects of blocking painful sensations in animal models. The patients deserve a safer treatment to reduce their pain. 5-HT2C/A agonists have some potential to manage the pain in a better way. It hasn’t shown any side effects like addiction or any other similar to the available pain killer medicines. The company is developing new non-opioid pain control medications for the patients to enjoy a quality life.

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