Check Out Our Guide to Podiatry EMR/EHR In 2021

Do you need podiatry-specific EMR software for your practice? You may be considering integrating generic or popular EMR options. A podiatry-specific EHR program, on the other hand, offers unique advantages that are difficult to match. Podiatry EMR software, for example, has pre-built podiatry templates, picture support, compensation administration, diagrams and graphing, and a podiatry dashboard. This blog will discuss some of the top podiatry EMR software, as well as its features, cost, and reviews.

While it is possible to construct a generic EMR, why not include specialty-specific features while you’re at it? Specialty-specific EMR software simplifies and streamlines all of your clinical and non-clinical needs.

The following are some of the top podiatry EMR/EHR software options:

  • SammyEHR Software
  • TRAKnet EHR Software
  • Praxis EHR Software
  • DOX Podiatry EMR Software

SammyEHR Software

Ratings: 4/5 based on Sammy EHR user reviews on Software Finder.

Sammy EHR is a cloud-based program that includes an EHR system, practice administration, medical billing, and patient interaction. Sammy EHR is a podiatry-specific EHR that includes podiatry-specific templates, picture support, diagrams and graphing, as well as podiatrist coding and billing. They do, however, offer typical EMR features like e-prescriptions, appointment management, scheduling, and so on.

SamNotes, lab integration, insurance eligibility, and a patient portal are just a few of Sammy EHR’s highlights. It’s powerful yet adaptable enough to help your podiatry practice’s clinical operations run smoothly.

Sammy EHR is one of the top software for covering all elements of podiatry, according to evaluations from practitioners all throughout the country. Here’s what some of Sammy EHR’s users had to say about it.

To help you understand Sammy EHR better, below are some of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Provides all of the services you’d expect from a podiatry office, plus more.
  • Allows for secure payment and posting options.
  • Clinical reconciliation services increase patient care and happiness by providing quick and simple customer support.


  • The system may occasionally lag.
  • Users frequently face technical difficulties since the program only provides a limited number of pre-built templates.


 SammyEHR’s cost starts at $349 per month for per provider.

TRAKnet EMR Software

Ratings: Users give TRAKnet EMR a 4/5 rating on Software Finder.

TRAKnet EMR is a cloud-based service provider that specializes in EMR/EHR services for small podiatry offices. Despite the fact that they only serve small practices, this is still one of the best podiatry EMR software options. It includes all of the tools you’ll need to simplify and streamline your clinical procedures and run your business. E-prescriptions, charting, billing and coding, appointment management, and other services are available.

TRAKnet offers an on-premise configuration for users who desire a closed network, despite the fact that it is a cloud-based EMR software.

TRAKnet EHR leverages SmartSheet 10 to convert ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes automatically, saving you time and effort. This allows practitioners to spend less time thinking about codes and more time focusing on their patients. You may also make real-time comparisons on billing data to better management.

The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of TRAKnet EMR Software.


  • Provides podiatry practices with a comprehensive set of services.
  • Provides automatic appointment reminders for patients.


  • Does not provide claim administration as part of their services.


 The cost of TRAKnet EMR begins at $199 per month per provider.

Praxis EHR Software

Ratings: Based on Praxis EHR reviews, it stands at a 5/5 rating.

Praxis EHR is one of the most innovative EMR software programs on the market. It employs AI-powered, cloud-based EMR software that is meant to learn how your practice operates and create processes that fit with your current infrastructure. Unlike other EMR software, Praxis EMR is designed to boost your digital infrastructure by effortlessly integrating into your workflows. This helps you focus more on your patients rather than administrative work by improving clinical and non-clinical procedures and simplifying duties.

Their goal is to deliver a paperless experience that improves clinical efficiency while also reducing environmental impact. Their Scanaway program helps you keep track of all of your patient visits for this reason. For population health, you may utilize their DataMiner module. Praxis EMR provides a wide range of services that are all geared to make your operations easier.

Praxis EMR is one of the top-tier software when it comes to podiatry-specific EMR, according to reviews from practitioners all around the country. Here’s what some of SammyEHR’s users had to say about it.


  • Agents, which are state-of-the-art AI messengers, allow for speedy charting and appointment reminders.
  • Provides a comprehensive collection of clinical practice guidelines for increasing clinical efficiency.
  • Provides a knowledge exchanger that allows you to learn about another Praxis EMR user’s practice or share your own with other Praxis EMR users.


  • Due to a learning curve, production may be temporarily reduced.
  • According to the AAFP EHR user satisfaction study in 2015, Praxis EMR was recognized as the best software for physicians.


 Praxis EMR software costs $259 per month per provider. 

DOX Podiatry EMR Software

DOX Podiatry software is a podiatry-specific EMR system that is meant to simplify all of your operations, as the name indicates. Their services are meant to make administrative tasks easier, clinical workflows more efficient, and patient care better.

DOX Podiatry EMR is designed to interface with your existing system and expand on your existing procedures to help you simplify your operations rather than replacing them. You won’t have to deal with prolonged staff training if you use this route.

DOX Podiatry EMR software also has HL7 compatibility and billing software connectivity.

The following are some of the benefits and drawbacks of the DOX podiatry software.


  • It’s simple to use and includes tools to help you satisfy government incentives.
  • A comprehensive range of podiatry services are available.


  • The system is considered archaic and does not provide adequate customer service.


 DOX Podiatry EMR is available for $500 per month per provider.

This isn’t the end of the list of capable podiatry EMR software for practices. Other software, such as DrChrono EMR, is also worth looking at.

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